Microsoft New Terms of Agreement

Microsoft New Terms of Agreement: What You Need to Know

Microsoft has introduced new terms of agreement for its users. This means that if you use Microsoft products, you will need to agree to these new terms in order to continue using them. While this may seem like a minor change, it is important to understand what these new terms mean for you. In this article, we will break down the key points of the Microsoft New Terms of Agreement and their significance.

1. Privacy Policy

One of the major changes in the new terms of agreement is Microsoft`s updated privacy policy. The new policy states that Microsoft will collect data from its users to improve their experience with Microsoft products. This data includes information about your device, usage statistics, and search queries. Additionally, Microsoft will be collecting data on how you interact with their products, including voice recordings and text input. However, Microsoft assures its users that this data will not be sold to third parties without your consent.

2. Additional Services

Microsoft has also introduced additional services in its new terms of agreement, such as Cortana and Skype. By agreeing to the new terms, you are authorizing Microsoft to collect and use your data to improve these services. This includes information about your contacts, calendar, and location.

3. Advertising

Another significant change in the new terms of agreement is Microsoft`s advertising policy. Microsoft states that it may use your data to provide personalized advertising. This means that Microsoft may use your search queries, location, and other data to show you more relevant ads. However, if you do not want Microsoft to use your data for advertising purposes, you can opt-out.

4. Acceptance of Terms

Before using any Microsoft products, you must agree to the new terms of agreement. This means that you cannot opt-out of the new policy if you wish to continue using Microsoft products. If you do not agree to the new policy, you will not be able to use Microsoft services.

In conclusion, Microsoft`s new terms of agreement are important and impact how the company collects and uses your data. While some may see this as a violation of privacy, Microsoft is being transparent about how it will use your data and is offering options to opt-out of certain types of data collection. As a user, it is important to read and understand the new terms of agreement so you can make an informed decision about using Microsoft products.